Dan Moore

Featured Alum:

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President, southwestern advantage
SEnior partner / co-founder, sbr consulting

Dan Moore came first to Nashville as a Harvard freshman, participating in The Southwestern Company (now known as Southwestern Advantage) sales and leadership program. Starting in sales at 18, he currently serves as President of the Company, never having worked anywhere else. In the meantime, he pioneered numerous roles and led many significant initiatives within the 150 year-old company, and believes strongly that the general management education he received in Owen’s EMBA program was an essential part of the success of his career. He serves on the Board of Directors of his firm’s parent company, and is also a co-founder and Senior Partner in Southwestern Consulting and SBR Consulting, Southwestern’s sales improvement consultancies dedicated to elevating sales worldwide. Dan and his wife, Maria, met while both were salespeople in college, and have been married more than 40 years. Dan is an amateur musician and avid runner, having completed more than 20 half (and one full) marathons since he turned 51. Dan and Maria have three adult children.