Vanderbilt Marketing in the Media

Brand week

Brand Week is a three-day marketing immersion featuring real-world case projects from local companies. Participants include Master of Marketing and MBA students who work together on teams to develop strategies and marketing plans. Last year, teams helped local author C. G. Cooper launch a podcast and media brand and created a growth strategy for Mars Petcare. To learn more click here.

Winter olympics commentary

This year's Winter Olympics is shaping up to be the feel-good story that U.S. audiences are eager amid an era of fractious politics, says Kelly Goldmsith, associate professor of marketing at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.

Size matters when eating healthy

Variety may trump virtue when it comes to the struggle to eat healthy, says a Vanderbilt marketing professor who studies consumer self-control and endorses "vice-virtue bundles" combining nutritious and not-so-nutritious foods. The idea is to not give up entirely foods that provide pleasure but aren’t nutritious. Instead, the focus should be on lowering the portion of the “vice” foods and correspondingly raising the portion of a healthy food to replace it. 

consumer behavior in trying times

If terror strikes increase in the United States, some consumers will keep buying as they always have, but others will withdraw from certain markets to minimize their risk. "The key issue we've identified is, 'Do you feel like you can control the odds of becoming a victim, should a terrorist attack occur?'" said Steven Posavac.

there's no place like home


Recent research by Steve Posavac, E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Marketing at Vanderbilt’s Owen, finds that individuals with relatively elevated symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD) are more favorable to ads featuring concepts of home, suggesting a vulnerability that goes beyond the appeal of a product itself.  The findings may represent an opportunity for marketers, but also reflect a threat for sufferers of ASAD.