Jennifer Edson Escalas


Associate professor of marketing

Jennifer Escalas brings a unique blend of academic and private sector experience to the classroom, helping students understand how to build meaning for brands. 

Professor Escalas served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Research from 2011-2014. She has won Outstanding Reviewer Awards from Journal of Consumer Psychology and Journal of Consumer Research, as well as the Distinguished Service Award from The Society for Consumer Psychology, for her service as webmaster. She has also won the Dean’s Research Productivity Award at Owen. 

Professor Escalas' research interests focus on consumer narrative processing - thinking in the form of stories - which can create meaning for brands and generate emotional responses to advertising. Additionally, her research explores how consumers use brands to meet psychological needs, such as self-expression and social integration. Through these processes, consumers form self-brand connections, where the brand becomes closely linked to a consumer’s sense of self.


Duke University Ph.D.



Advertising and Social Media

Consumer Insights for Marketing Decision Making