Annual events

Annual Events

Annual Marketing Events at Vanderbilt

Brand Week

Brand Week is a three-day intensive immersion into the world of brand management for marketing students. Groups of students are given marketing problems and tasked with coming up with implementable solutions. Some companies that students have worked with are Mars Petcare, Ascend Federal Credit Union, Brown-Forman, Papa John’s, GE, Frothy Monkey, Lizard Thicket, and IMG sports marketing, among others. Students have the opportunity to network and complete independent studies with participating organizations.

Brand symposium

Every fall, the Brand Symposium features Owen alumni from prominent brands talking about their experiences and responsibilities. Speakers explain what typical brand management work looks like at their companies and share tips for acing the recruiting process.

Cinco De Mayo Party

At the end of each academic year, the marketing faculty host a Cinco de Mayo themed party at one of their homes for the marketing students to celebrate their accomplishments with margaritas and Mexican fare.

Marketing Madness

A veritable celebration of marketing and brand promotion (see here)! Student teams partner with real corporate sponsors to brainstorm and promote new products.


Following the super bowl, marketing students co-host an event designed to discuss and digest the content of the advertisements aired during the super bowl. This event is often a fan-favorite!


An evening with data scientists from who provide cutting edge insights on current trends in culture, consumption and commerce.

Speaker Series

Throughout the academic year, the marketing faculty invite influential marketing executives and marketing research experts to inspire those interested in marketing with their latest experiences, advice, and insights.